*** We recommend that you watch at least, Part 1 and Part 2 of our Primary introductory video. Designs, techniques and options do evolve/change over time, and Without notice. 


A continuation of Part 1 (above).  Picking up where we left off, you will learn about the many configurations of our systems.  And, you will actually see some of these systems up close and personal in this video.  Doug does not go over "everything"  we do here at YHCO, but you will walk away with a very good idea. 

Important things to know About -Yellow Hawk custom kydex sheaths


The Best Fit/Retention

Highest Quality Materials/Opt's!!

"NO Pancake Style Sheaths!!"

THE Number one issue (among others) with most  production and Custom kydex sheaths is Improper Fit and Retention. And yes, most buyers think this is "normal". Because so many sheaths out there have fit, retention, and finish issues. Here at YHCO we have these "other" sheaths come through our shop on a daily basis, to be repaired, or replaced with a Yellow Hawk Customs Outdoors - SHEATH/CARRY System. Photos and descriptions can only show so much. Contrary to popular belief, your knife should not have any "play" or rattle when its in your kydex sheath. Period! The sheath should fit that knife like a glove.  And the knife should "Click" smartly into the sheath, with a few exceptions. Like rubber handles knives, or our Leather Elite Series Systems, which have an authoratative, but quieter "click". This is not simply what we believe, its what we know. So, if your knife has any play to speak of, or rattles inside your kydex sheath, there is a better way.


"NO Pancake Style Sheaths!!"

Highest Quality Materials/Opt's!!

"NO Pancake Style Sheaths!!"

Here at Yellow Hawk Customs Outdoors, we generally DO NOT build "pancake style" (holes on both sides of the blade) sheaths, that ALOT OF other sheath makers make. Why?  We have been at this a very long time, much longer than most, and pancake sheaths produce more improper fit and retention issues- especially over time. Kydex  tension, will change slightly, over time. As well, "PANCAKE STYLES", are HEAVIER, BULKIER, WIDER, less tactical, and more cumbersome than The Fold over, "Taco style" sheath systems we build. It does take a bit more experience to put together an EFFECTIVE taco style sheath system. However, we have that experience. Our sheath systems are generally 20-30 percent lighter, less bulky, and more versatile to carry than a comparably equipped pancake style sheath from another maker. Plus, we generally offer more/effective options, carry configurations, and overall style, per each sheath system.  So, please consider YHCO for your next custom sheath system. 


Highest Quality Materials/Opt's!!

Highest Quality Materials/Opt's!!

Highest Quality Materials/Opt's!!

Here at YHCO we use only the finest quality materials, options, designs, and kydex - ( both in composition, design, pattern application, as well as thickness) available. Oh yes, there are cheaper routes we could go! Fact is, when it comes to their knife sheaths, alot of companies go "cheap", in order to save money.  Alot in fact.  AND, its nearly impossible to tell by viewing a photograph. However, most companies generally do not have the real world, wilderness living, survival, or tactical backround, that we have here at Yellow Hawk Customs Outdoors. Our clients include, professional and Outdoor adventurers, conventional soldiers, Government and special military operators, Law enforcement,  survival and wilderness living skills instructors, etc etc. These men and women demand the very best equipment. We also build sheaths for one of the largest outdoor knife distribution companies in the world- DLT Trading 

Our Colors/Patterns of kydex

The simplest way to order a custom sheath system from us is to look over, read this website, and basically select a photo of a sheath that closest resembles what you are looking for. Then text Doug on his co. cell phone. #443-315-6033. This video is from our Youtube Channel. Please, if you are so inclined, check out and SUBSCRIBE to the channel as well. In this video, Doug Wilson explains and shows most of our Custom kydex colors/patterns, and he makes recommendations regarding some of them.   

just some of our Sheath Accessories/Options

This video is not "everything" we offer, but its a great start. Notice in these vids, "how" we place each option, and incorporate it into the sheath system in such a way that it works, and works well.  As well, it works symbiotically with the other options also. What we are saying is, all of our design elements, options, placements, "systems" etc, are fully researched and tested by not only ourselves, but with the help of a group of  "testers" who feed us real world feedback and recommendations. Designs, Techniques, and Options do evolve/change over time without notice. We continually strive to build better, tougher and higher quality rigs for our clients. 


Below are also some great Video Reviews from some of The - Top Gear Reviewers on YouTube

Below are also some great Video Reviews from some of The - Top Gear Reviewers on YouTube

Below are also some great Video Reviews from some of The - Top Gear Reviewers on YouTube


Below are also some great Video Reviews from some of The - Top Gear Reviewers on YouTube

Below are also some great Video Reviews from some of The - Top Gear Reviewers on YouTube


REVIEW VIDEOS- JX6 EDC Sheath System- For Chris Tanner PM101

Chris Tanner of Prepared Mind 101 Youtube Channel, is a very popular Gear Reviewer and knife designer on Youtube. He has nearly 200,000 subscribers. He also has an affinity for Yellow Hawk Customs Outdoors Sheath Systems. He has commissioned about 10 sheaths over the past 3 years. Thank you Chris! This video is a review of two EDC sheath systems we built for Chris, that he commissioned for his JX6 blade. Chris recommends our sheath systems to viewers who are looking for a Top of the line rig.

YHCO even turned Luke (OGR) from leather sheaths to KYDEX!!

We cant possibly show all the Review Videos of our systems

This review of one of our systems is done by avid Outdoorsman- Mike Rochetti, from Omega Survival and Exploration. He mentions not once, but twice, that he has ordered sheaths from most of the "top makers", but his Yellow Hawk Customs Outdoors Sheath Systems are hands down, the best he owns. Attention to detail and design are off the charts. "Doug builds the best custom kydex sheath systems I have ever seen"  "everything is easy to access". "these sheath systems are built to be used really hard"

Dark Timber, JX5 Vengeful 1- Leather Elite Sheath System

Yellow Hawk Customs Outdoors works with Peter Kohler at Dark Timber Custom Knives. We build kydex sheath systems for the hand forged knives he creates. Peter Kholer and Chris Tanner asked Yellow Hawk Customs Outdoors to be the sheath builder for their Priceless Custom, one of a kind, hand forged JX5 Vengeful 1. We are honored to be chosen for this build. So, we build a one of a kind, over the top, Custom Leather Elite sheath system. Full Grain leather over a full kydex sheath. Check out the vid!

one of Our Leather Elite Sheath Systems

MIKE BARTON- from the Youtube channel- BUSHCRAFT BARTONS, in Canada, is one of the most popular Gear reviewers on YT.  As well, he is one of the most proficient outdoorsmen on youtube. He commissioned us to build him one of our Leather Elite Series Sheath Systems (full grain leather over a full kydex sheath- truly the best of both worlds), for his Battle Horse Highlander. We were honored to meet his requests. May she serve you well my friend! Enjoy the video. 

a PM101- YHCO Review

A must see professional review of two Yellow Hawk Customs Outdoors Sheath Systems, for the William Collins Master Woodsman Knife, and the Chris Tanner Jessmuk- JX2. 

Leather Elite Piggyback etc

This video is from our Youtube channel. Yellow Hawk Customs Outdoors. This one is the debut of the DW Viper. Please check it out then subscribe.  On this channel you will see recent builds on our "recent client offering" videos. Doug also spends alot of time in the field on backpacking/camping trips that he films, showing bushcraft/wilderness living/survival skills, and more. He also does reviews of his favorite gear and KNIVES. Doug is a knife designer, and has over 200 knives in his collection