Gallery #2 - Survival Rigs-(w pouches)/Piggyback Systems/ Baldric carry Rigs/ with Ballpark Pricing

There's much to see.  We do include most of the options/implements, ie. 5/16"x4" ferro rod, diamond sharpener, Fenix light, live fire, etc.  Ballpark Price will be in the description of most photos, if applicable. It is very easy to order a sheath system from us. However, out of necessity, the process is a bit different than that of most sheath "makers". Because of all that we are able to do for you.  We can custom build you the most utilitarian "sheath system" anywhere.  One that allows you to accomplish much more in the Bush than you can possibly do with your knife alone.  Plus, if I think you are adding too much to a particular sheath system, I will tell you. Again, I have been at this nearly 20 years.  Simply look through the site and the Galleries, garner some info., then pick a sheath system from the Gallery/s, which CLOSEST RESEMBLES what you want. (it does not have to be exact, just close.) Simply imagine your knife in the sheath/s u like. Remember to look at the back of the system also!  If you want a different combo of colors/patterns/options etc- No problem. We will make changes during our communications.  Again, some mods may have to be built in for your specific knife. It will likely be a different knife from the one in the photo. Then text Doug on his company cell phone (#443-315-6033), he WILL respond, and the short process then starts from there.  Remember, he does this full time and has been at this for a very long time.  So he can help you make informed decisions.  After u and he have decided on all particulars, u get an exact price. Payment is usually UP FRONT.  Just after he gives u an exact price.  Yes, other arrangements can be made if needs be. Asking questions is encouraged. Sending your knife in is always a good idea. Even with production knives, there can be differences from lot to lot. Trust us, you will want perfect fit/retention/finish when ordering a top shelf custom sheath system from YHCO. Remember, build time is 10-12 ish weeks, unless u take advantage of our Fast Track PROGRAM, which nearly chops that time in half.