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WHAT WE DO-Unique Kydx Sheaths

Yellow Hawk Customs Outdoors (YHCO) - is a Combat/Wilderness Grade- Custom Kydex Sheath Builder

 *** EACH YHCO - Hand built- Custom Kydex Sheath System is actually born out of a comprehensive U.S. Army Special Operations backround, as well as many years of practicing/sharing Wilderness living, bushcraft, and survival skills.  Here at YHCO we absolutely do things with kydex and our Bombproof, Combat/Wilderness Grade sheath systems, that generally, other "makers", simply DO NOT do. Our custom kydex sheath systems look different, because they are different. We hope you enjoy our helpful website. There is alot here to aide you in determining the most appropriate custom kydex rig for you, your knife, and your particular needs in the field.  JUST because we build some of the toughest, most durable custom kydex, as well as Leather Over Kydex (Leather Elite Series), sheath systems on the market, does not mean our rigs are "heavy" to carry.  On the contrary.  Due to our innovative and unique designs/ features, and build techniques, as well as the materials and options we employ, our sheaths are actually some of the lightest custom rigs you can purchase. We have been at this nearly 20 years!  "Shaving Weight", is one of our primary concerns.  Keeping our systems very strong, but still comparatively light weight, is one of our highest priorities.  We generally only build lighter, more efficient and tactical, Taco style designs. Instead of the heavier, bulkier, wider,  more cumbersome, "pancake" designs most other makers will produce and recommend. Why do they do this? ( Main reason: Pancake sheaths are easier and less time consuming, thus cheaper to make). Our slimmer (YHCO) designs alone can cut the weight of a comparably equipped sheath by 15-25%.  Our build time is 10-13 weeks. Our sheath systems are quite popular, due to the high quality, innovative/ bombproof build techniques, and very useful options that we employ. As well as the unique and high "attention to detail" way we do things here.  We build our sheath systems for Special Operations soldiers, Conventional Military, Law Enforcement, Custom Knife Builders, Collectors, Bushcrafters, hunters, and other avid Outdoorsmen.  We have however, instituted our FAST TRACK PROGRAM for those who want their rigs sooner. So, please feel free to inquire about it. It cuts the time nearly in half!. We work the O.T. in order to get them finished for you. There is a $25- $49 extra charge for our FAST TRACK PROGRAM, depending on your individual build parameters. Usually we have a limited number of slots. WE will accommodate you if you need a slot.  Thank You all,  YHCO STAFF