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Welcome To GALLERY #1/ Pricing Page

Simply Scroll Down to the Gallery if you feel you want to bypass all the Information which precedes it. Although,  its good information that may help you in your decision. Our "Fast Track" program (designed for guys who cannot wait our normal build time) is explained in the description at the top of Gallery #2 page. Please, feel free to let Doug know if you are having any issues, or concerns. 



Please understand that it does not matter which knife you want a sheath for. Simply imagine your knife in the sheath/s you see/like, and we can build it for your knife. Keep in mind, modifications may have to be made here or there for your specific knife. Unless your knife is very close to the same size and geometry as the one/two u are looking at in our sheath photos. Especially the blade size.  FYI, some knives are not kydex friendly. We will let u know if ur knife falls into this catagory. Our Sheath Systems are truly 100% Custom - Hand Built, for your specific needs/desires. They are not simply "semi Custom". Assembled with generic looking pre fabbed parts, templates, the same design for every knife, and limited carry options. We call these, "cookie cutter" sheaths. Which is the most popular way of making a sheath. However, some outdoorsmen want much MORE.  Enter, Yellow Hawk Customs Outdoors- Combat/Wilderness Grade Kydex Sheath Systems. 


Other sheath makers generally stick to very simple , quasi- non utility specific- designs/options/ carry capability, so its easy for them to make, as well as set up a "Short Assembly Line Website" you can order from.  Although,  we do have some "less comprehensive" utilitarian sheaths and sheath systems.  Again, We do so much here at YHCO, that its impossible for us to set up a website u can "simply order a sheath" from. All of our custom sheath systems take at least some brief communication between you and us, until you are satisfied that your kydex sheath system is completely tailored to your specific needs in the field. PERIOD! Hence, the texting. Emails are too slow.  We build 100% custom- high end, bombproof but light weight, military/wilderness ready sheath systems that are 100% you, as well as 100% guaranteed. Our Sheath Systems are a bit more expensive than other kydex sheaths, however, we spend much more time on them, and you do get so much more from us!  

Unsurpassed Strength/ Durability/Quality/Utility/Style

Here at YHCO we give you a complete, useable, and safe package of strong but light weight design, and highly utilitarian ( FIELD-TESTED) options, which can greatly enhance/maximize your time, as well as your abilities, whether you are deployed on an Op, or you find yourself deep in the backcountry.  As well as one of the finest fit/finish, and retention in the industry. Your knife is the most important tool you carry out there.  The one tool which CAN and WILL save your life if needs be.  If, your sheath can manage to hold onto it. The fact of the matter is this. Most sheaths on the market, especially sheaths for production knives,  simply do not secure your knife effectively, or safely.  Having spent quite a few years in a  U.S. Army- Special Ops unit, and sharing bushcraft/survival/wilderness living skills with others, as well as spending countless nights in the backcountry,  I myself have witnessed quite a few mishaps due to a sub standard sheath. From physical injuries, to knife loss, to leather sheath failures.  These are the main reasons I started Yellow Hawk Customs Outdoors, and instituted our field "testing" proceedures, high quality parameters, and attention to detail, etc. 

Sheath System Gallery #1/ Pick One or Two Sheaths and We'll Start There

This sheath system Photo Gallery #1 represents sheath design types, build techniques, colors and accessory options which are well tested, very popular, and that we build alot of for clients. It is recommended that you watch the Intro videos on the Home Page for kydex colors/patterns, utilitarian options, etc. Please read the description section of each photo for details, colors and or patterns used, accessories etc, of the particular sheath system u are viewing. You may need to know this info. Trust us. This is really pretty easy. Look through the photos.  We built every one of these systems for specific clients. What you see is what we can do. For example: Sheath system #4 , the black sheath system with the hexcam green options is VERY popular. This happens to be my personal rig for my Quickhatch trapper. 5.75" blade. Blade length is important! Read the description. Yes, we include everything. It can be delivered to u just like u see it. See, very simple.  The important thing is, you need to tell us in the text, what u want.  Saying, " can you make me a sheath for such and such a knife", is not enough. We can build a sheath for almost any knife, but you will likely need to send it to us. That is the only way to assure perfect fit/retention.  Keep in mind that we can build any one of these sheaths for your specific knife.  IMPORTANT: Use your imagination and picture your blade in the sheath/s u like/see.